About Me

       My name is Daniella Gehman, and I was born in Stockton and raised in Modesto, CA.  as a kid, I was introduced to photography by my mom.  She let me play with her old Olympus SLR.  One day she put film in the camera and let me take pictures of anything I wanted.  I took pictures of my dolls, my pets, and my family home.  Once I saw the finished photos, I was hooked.

      I took my first photography class in high school.  It was then I decided to study and to develop my skills as a photographer.  I started with developing and printing black & white film and eventually moved to color film.  In college I continued studying art and photography, refining both my film and digital photography skills.

      Today I use photography to help families and individuals capture special moments to be remembered and treasured for generations to come.  I photograph everything from family portraits to senior portraits, and anything in-between.  I also do events, anything from weddings to birthday parties.  I am very passionate about what i do, and nothing brings me more joy than knowing I gave someone something they can cherish for the rest of their lives.